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Offshore Sportsbook Reviews was created for users to interact with one another and discuss the good and the bad of offshore sportsbooks in the gambling industry. Is your Offshore Sportsbook paying on time! Then why not let us know about it! Is your Offshore Sportsbook slow paying, or not paying at all? We definately want to hear about it!! Please email Slade at to have your Offshore Sportsbook Reviewed!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010 Promotional Codes

What is an Offshore Sportsbook Promotion Code?

An Offhore Sportsbook Promotion Code is a special bonus code that you enter when signing up at an online offshore sportsbook such as When you enter our special sportsbook promotion codes, you automatically get one of a kind sign-up bonuses, free poker tournaments, and free sports bets from one of the Premier Offshore Sports Books in the gambling industry. hat is an Offshore Sportsbook Promotion Code?

Sunday, August 29, 2010

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

March Madness Bracket Contests

It's March Madness Bracket time once again. It is that time of the year where eveyone is scrambling around trying to figure out who will be that one Cindarella team to know out one of the Top 4 Seeds. BetUs is offering a 5 Million Dollar March Madness Bracket Contest. To find out more about it, click here: 5 Million Dollar March Madness Bracket Contest!!

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Friday, July 17, 2009

BoDog Offshore Sportsbook Review!!

Sports Betting at the Sportsbook

Offshore Sportsbook: BoDog

Thumbs Up for:

110% Poker Sign Up Bonus!
100% Poker Reload Bonus
10% Sign Up Bonus for New Players!
Double Points Bonus!

BoDog accepts Visa, Mastercard, and Amrecian Express
as options for deposits. They also accept eWalletExpress and Rapid Transfer as alternative methods of Deposit.
BoDog offers Check by Courier as their main Payout Option. They do offer One Free withdrawal per month, then charge an additional $40 per withdrawal transaction.

Thumbs Down For:

The only source of withdrawal currently listed is Check by Courier. I am probably sure that before you can receive a check from BoDog you must first apply your deposited funds back to your credit card. One would think that with three or four depositing options, they would have more than one method of Withdrawals. It should also be noted that the Max amount that you can deposit is $500 Daily via Credit Card.

Overall Recommendation:

BoDog was once the Big Dog of the Offshore SportsBook Industry. A couple of years ago they went through a .com identity crisis and had to change their site name to I still use BoDog myself, mainly for one reason: When I have requested a payout in the past, they have always paid with no delays. My most recent request for Payout from BoDog was on June 4th of 2009, and I had check in hand by Courier on the 6th. That was a 2 day turnaround. At one time BoDog offered generous Deposit Bonuses, but those days have gone by the wayside, especially since the new gaming laws came into effect in the US. Although not at the top of the list as far as Offshore SportsBooks are concerned, they are definitely not at the bottom either. BoDog does offer very generous Poker Bonuses for those that like the Cards, but only 10% signup bonuses for the SportsBook bettors. I have experienced a friendly staff when calling in bets or requesting pay outs, and would recommend BoDog as a solid option for those looking for an Offhshore Sportsbook.

Please leave positive or negative comments in the comment section for your experiences with BoDog Offshore Sportsbook.

Slade Henning
Southcoast Sports

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bet Jamaica Offshore Sportsbook Review!!

Betjamaica the players paradise

Offshore Sportsbook: BetJamaica

Thumbs Up for:

$100 / $100 Matching Free Play Bonus!
20% Cash Bonus up to $500 on new account Deposits!
Nickel Juice on Friday nights during Football Season!
Paradise Loyalty Club!

BetJamaica accepts both Visa and Mastercard as options for deposits. They also accept Express Money Transfers, Bank Wires, and Personal Checks and Money Orders through Fed Ex.

BetJamaica customers are allowed one FREE Withdrawal per month!

Thumbs Down For:

I am at a loss as for as finding anything negative to say about BetJamaica. They offer one free Payout a month, you get your money the next day upon request, and they do offer nickel and ten cent line specials.

Overall Recommendation:

I have requested a payout once a month every month so far in 2009, and have yet to have any problems whatsoever.
They don't offer huge bonuses like some of the other Offhshore Sportsbooks, but they do offer reduced lines at certain times. I have to put BetJamaica at the top of the list as for as customer service. I am always able to understand the agents when making a call, and am comforted knowing that I am speaking to a very perfessional staff. If you are having doubts about sending your money to an offshore sportsbook, you can rest easy knowing that BetJamaica is as solid as they come.

Please leave positive or negative comments in the comment section for your experiences with BetJamaica Offshore Sportsbook.

Slade Henning
Southcoast Sports

Thursday, July 9, 2009

BetUs Offshore Sportsbook Review!!

Offshore Sportsbook: BetUs

Thumbs Up for:

50% Sign Up Bonus
50% Reload Bonus
25% Referral Bonus
10% Gamblers Insurance
10% Extra in Casino Chips

BetUs Accepts both Visa and Mastercard by telephone. Electronic checking and bank wire available for deposit options.

BetUs has a Poker Room, Casino, and Racebook available to current clients.

Thumbs down for:

When the US government first cracked down on offshore wagering a couple of years ago, BetUs was caught off guard to say the least. They continually had payout problems from the get go. Those no pay Problems eventually turned into slow pay problems, and then eventually went away.

Customer Service has been a concern over many offshore sites on the net, and that holds true for BetUs. When making a call to their customer service department, one notices a distinct accent and at times may have trouble understanding what the agents are saying. This could be a big concern, especially if you are placing bets of a substantial amount of money.

Overall Recommendation:

I personally use BetUs myself, and would recommend them as a solid offshore sportsbook. If you are looking for huge signup bonuses, then this may be the book of your choice. I have requested 4 payouts in 2009, and have had no problems receiving my money. I used a bankwire twice, requested a check once, and actually was able to receive my money by moneygram(by request only) the last payout.

Please leave positive or negative comments in the comment section for your experiences with BetUs Offshore Sportsbook.

Slade Henning
Southcoast Sports